Intro Package (4) Pounds of Sailor Sludge Gourmet Coffee


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Receive a 1-pound bag of each of our meticulously curated coffees, summing up to 4 pounds of our fresh gourmet brews:

Brown Shoe (light roast blend) – Crafted from hand-picked beans sourced from three of the world’s premium coffee growers, this blend exhibits a light brown hue. Experience its sharp acidity, smooth body, and vibrant flavors.

Med Cruise (medium roast blend) – Set sail on a sensory sojourn with our Med Cruise concoction. A serene blend of three specially selected roasts, providing a harmonious medium roast. Let its enchanting aroma and scent transport you to serene shores, complemented by its rounded flavor reminiscent of calm seas.

West Pac (dark roast, single origin) – Ready for a daring delight? Embark on a sensory expedition with our single origin West Pac blend from Papua New Guinea. Delicately roasted to bring out a richer and deeper flavor, these beans are exposed to higher temperatures for an extended duration to unveil their dark, intricate essence.

General Quarters (ultimate dark roast, single origin) – Brace yourself for this potent potion! Bursting with a powerful aroma and taste, General Quarters’ dark roast is designed to rouse the senses and energize the intellect. Thanks to longer roasting at elevated temperatures, these beans proudly present a daringly rich flavor profile.

Available in a genuine 1lb/16oz bag or a set of 12 single-serve cups.

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